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Website of the Year 2020! Website of the Year 2020!

We can put the flags out at Freetime Company because it is time to celebrate! Not only were we nominated for the Website of the Year awards, we actually won! The voters were clear about it: is the most popular website among users in the category Hotels & Accommodations. Which means that we, with due pride, received the honourable Website of the Year award 2020. We can now happily and proudly announce to the world that our website,, is the most popular hotels & accommodations website of the year 2020!

The Website of the Year election is held annually and is an initiative of Multiscope and Emerce. In 2020 almost 500.000 people voted for their favourite websites and apps divided into multiple categories. The nominated websites are selected by the official panel of the election. In every category are two awards to be handed out: the award for the best website and the award for the most popular website. Apart from winning the category-awards, websites can also be crowned the ‘overall winner’, this website is the one and only best website of the year. In 2020 this prestigious award was handed to, but you do understand that will do everything in its power to beat in 2021!